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It has been my pleasure to take 2 art class sessions with Lisa Kimberly Glickman.  I have enjoyed and learned so much from this incredibly creative and motivational artist and teacher.  She explained basic drawing concepts in such a clear, concise manner that it was easy to understand.  You will see by my progression of drawing how she well she teaches. Her classes are relaxed, informative and most enjoyable with a wonderful sense of camaraderie for all participants. - Rorita (Rorie) Gattinger

I am in awe as to how Kim managed to teach us to draw. I have cried tears of joy.... If you would have told me 2 months ago that this was my work, I would have laughed my head off. You are an amazing teacher, thank-you! - Sophia Schellenberg

I have taken a drawing session and an acrylic painting session with Kim. The drawing classes helped me tremendously.  Drawing became enjoyable and gratifying. I was surprised by my work with acrylics.  They really caught my interest.  Kim is supportive, fun, very talented and a natural teacher. I always look forward to our classes and highly recommend her. Deb Barrie


LEVEL 1: This is an informal course with serious goals. Even if you are already making art, but have not understood the foundation for what you are striving to do; this course is for you. Foundational skills include: using value, linear perspective, composition, hatching & cross-hatching, de-constructing shapes & forms, using positive and negative space as a guide, measuring, rendering from photos and real life, and putting it all together to create an image of your choice. Learn how to do correct human head and body proportions.

LEVEL 2: Working with acrylic paint, each student will attain a deeper understanding of colour theory and how to apply the theory into practice for success. Match colours by blending from scratch- never have to buy more than 8 tubes of paint again - you can mix all your colours yourself! Learn how to manipulate and apply paint for nuance & expressiveness. Plan your compositions to engage the viewer. LEVEL 3: Continuing with Acrylics, we will progress with individual project preferences of students. The goal is to help you to achieve your painting and creativity goals. Everyone has a different style that comes naturally to them, and we work within your natural inclinations to bring out the best in your artwork.

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CHILDREN and TEENS: A mix of foundational skills and fun short projects to learn new techniques, this course is fun for both portfolio building and to try new things while honing your skills.



WINTER SESSION: (10 classes ) Thursdays starting January 12 2017

PAYMENT $285:00: e-transfer to glicksart@gmail.com______ check via snail mail______ bringing cash_____

Thursday, Level 2/3  _______ 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

Thursday, Level 1/ Children & Teens_______ 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

INFO 514-688-8634

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